We’re cut from the same cloth… speculators, gamblers, and traders. There is no avoiding the fact that most people get involved with trading Forex because they have some vision of striking it rich due to their efforts. This thought process may be misguided, but most of us can admit that we harbor at least some notion that we will be the kind of trader who can defy the odds and end up with a massive bank account because of our ability to predict the market.

Let’s look at the reality of the situation before we allow ourselves to climb too far down the rabbit hole.

All Traders Lose Money Sometimes

There is not a Forex trader on the planet who doesn’t lose money on some of their trades. It is literally impossible to be flawless in your execution, and you should not even aim for that goal. Instead, understand that all traders lose on some of their trades as part of the process. It is how the traders respond to those losses that separate the long-term winners from the long-term losers.

Do NOT Get Involved with Trading If You Don’t Have Enough Available Capital

No one should dabble in Forex if they do not have the spare capital to play around with. Those who are without a job, have credit card debt, rely on their income to pay the bills each month, or are otherwise in a precarious financial situation at any time should avoid playing around in Forex markets altogether. The odds of them getting hurt are far too high to mess around with. It is best to get those other financial situations taken care of before putting money into any investment, particularly when you are brand-new to trading and the risks are so high.

Forex Trading Is a Skill You Must Hone

Trading in the Forex markets will not make you rich overnight. You might get lucky and win on some of your first trades, but you should not count on this remaining the case forever into the future. The reality is that Forex trading is a game of skill, and only those who consistently practice their craft can walk away with more than they started with. It is not easy, and anyone who sells you the vision that Forex trading can make you a millionaire overnight is probably pulling a scam on you. Proceed with caution and understand that learning this craft can take years to master.

Start With a Demo Account

The best way to avoid losing money while you are still on your training wheels is to use a demo account. These accounts are set up in such a way that they emulate the market without you putting real money to work in them.

In other words, a demo account allows you to practice trades that you could execute in the real world without putting real money at risk. You don’t take the losses, but you also don’t realize the profits. It is just a way for you to get some extra practice and build confidence before putting your real money on the line.


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