We can create trend channels in forex by drawing two lines at a similar angle and parallel as a downtrend or uptrend.

Trend channels are another technical analysis tool that can find good buy and sell opportunities. Resistance is marked by the upper trend line and the lower trend line as support. As a result, the bottoms and the tops of channels can serve as areas of resistance or support.

Bearish trend channels have a downward slope, while bullish trend channels have an upward slope. To generate an up channel, draw a line parallel and at a similar angle as the upward line and move it to its latest point. This must be done simultaneously with the creation of the trend.


To make a descending channel, draw a line parallel and at a similar angle as the descending line and then move it to a position that touches the current valley. You should do this simultaneously when building the trend.

This could be used as a buying zone if the price reaches the LOWER trend line. It can be used as a selling zone if the price hits the UPPER trend line.

The 3 Types of Trend Channels

Channels are of three types:

  1. Descending channels
  2. Ascending channels
  3. Horizontal channels

Some traders prefer using “rising” for an ascending channel and “falling” for a descending channel.

A few key points about drawing trend channels:

Trend lines must be parallel (or very nearly parallel) to each other to build a trend. In general, the lower part of the trend channel is the buying zone, and the top of the trend channel is the selling zone. You should never force the channels’ prices when drawing trend lines.

Intentionally skewing your trendlines to make a channel fit can result in bad trades. However, trend channels do not have to be perfectly parallel. Furthermore, not all price movements must fit in the channel.

Many traders make the mistake of only looking for price patterns that perfectly fit into a nice, neat trend channel. Waiting for perfectly aligned trend channel support and resistance lines is futile, as price action that fits in two perfectly parallel trend lines is quite rare.


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