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When choosing a prop firm partner, traders have many choices. What separates SurgeTrader from MyForexFunds (MFF)?

Why Choose
SurgeTrader vs. MFF?

Traders have many options to solve their challenge of undercapitalization. Specifically, though, why should you choose SurgeTrader vs. MFF? We’ve laid out the SurgeTrader vs. MFF differences below* for you to make an informed decision.



Entry-Level Accounts ($25K-50K)
Mid-Tier Accounts ($100K-200K)
Large Evaluation Accounts ($250K-500K)
$1 Million Evaluation Account
One-Step Funding Process
Simple, Straightforward Rules
Minimum Trading DaysNoneYes*
Trading PeriodNoneYes*

* Varies according to program type.
** Logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners and are included here for comparison purposes only. This comparison is accurate as of March 25, 2022.

How is SurgeTrader Different
MyForexFunds (MFF)?

The most obvious difference… MyForexFunds is way too complex — with multiple programs, each with their own sub-options and some of the most hard-to-understand rules in the industry. It’s no wonder traders have a hard time choosing the best MFF program for their trading. They’re paralyzed by a convoluted menu of options with even more complex trading rules.

SurgeTrader is unique from MyForexFunds (MFF) in that we feature an exceptionally simple one-step funding model, where traders take an Audition with straightforward rules and no time restrictions.

The bottom line: We want traders to pass. Other firms like MyForexFunds (MFF) profit on the failure of their traders, so they offer intricate multi-step funding models — programs with complicated rules and strict time restrictions. With our program, traders take an Audition in a demo environment, and once they achieve a 10% profit target, they receive login credentials to a funded account — up to $1 million.

When it comes to funded accounts, traders have several choices in the prop trading industry. But what differentiates SurgeTrader from MyForexFunds (MFF)?

MyForexFunds programs are complex and hard to know which to choose

Oh, what a tangled web they weave. Should you do the Rapid, Evaluation or Accelerated program? Are you best suited for the Consistency Enabled Account (CEA) or the No Consistency Account (NCA)? How do you get from the Evaluation phase to the Establishment phase in the Evaluation program? Oh wait… You want the Accelerated program. Will that be the Conventional or Emphatic model? What a mess and so confusing.

You get the best trader support in the business

If you read some of the reviews, MFF customers have waited for as many as 10 days for a support response from MFF. Are you ready to be #29 in a chat queue? SurgeTrader has incredible customer service that goes above and beyond our competitors. We’ve dedicated considerable resources so that traders can speak to a live person and ask questions or get support by phone, chat or email, during regular business hours. We challenge you to find another firm that makes it easy to talk to someone and get the answers you need.

We built our program as a one-step process with simple rules

Other prop firms like MyForexFunds (MFF) have complicated rules seemingly designed to profit off failed traders. SurgeTrader showcases a one-step Audition with just a couple of clear, easy-to-understand trading rules.

There are no time limits on the Audition

You can pass our Audition at your own pace — whether that’s in 3 hours or 3 months. Some programs at MyForexFunds (MFF) mandate that you must trade for at least 10 days and pass within 30 days. Others have similarly restrictive trading time frames. With SurgeTrader, it’s simple. Take all the time that your strategy needs to be profitable.

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