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When choosing a prop firm partner, traders have many choices. What separates SurgeTrader from FundedNext?

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Why Choose SurgeTrader?

Traders have many options to solve their challenge of undercapitalization. Specifically, though, why should you choose SurgeTrader vs. FundedNext?
We’ve laid out the SurgeTrader vs. FundedNext differences below* for you to make an informed decision.

Entry-Level Accounts ($25K-50K)
Mid-Tier Accounts ($100K-200K)
Large Accounts ($250K-500K)
$1 Million Account
Funded with Real MoneyOnly 25%
News Trading
Minimum Trading DaysNone10 days a month
Profit Target10%25%
Daily Loss Limit5%5%
Max Loss8%10%
Max Profit Share90%90%
Profit Share Paid on Breached AccountsUp to 90%Only 50%
Customer Service via Telephone
Time Needed to Get FundedAs Low as 1 DayAt Least 10 Days
Time Needed for Scaling UpUpon Passing4 Months
Company LocationUSAUAE

* Logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners and are included here for comparison purposes only.
* All information based on FundedNext’s Express Non-Consistency Account. This comparison is accurate as of July 18, 2023. 

How is SurgeTrader
Different from FundedNext?

SurgeTrader is different from FundedNext, offering a simple one-step funding model, where traders take an Audition with simple rules. Unlike FundedNext, SurgeTrader has never had time restrictions on any of our auditions, nor have we imposed minimum trading day requirements. We want traders to pass. Other firms make money when their traders fail the challenge, so they offer complicated funding models and programs with complex rules, including a minimum number of trading days.

But what makes us stand out above companies like FundedNext? A few things…

FundedNext forces traders to wait 4 months in order to scale an account to the next level, no matter how far above the target profit they might be - you still have to wait. When you pass your SurgeTrader Audition, you can choose to extend your Audition and scale up to the next largest account size. At each 10% profit increment, regardless of how fast that may happen, traders will be presented with the same option to scale. Traders can continue scaling all the way up to $1,000,000 in funding. With FundedNext, you can only increase your funding by 40% each time you scale, but with SurgeTrader, you can DOUBLE your account size each time you scale up. Bottom line, if you want to scale up to $1 million in funding, you can achieve this goal much faster with SurgeTrader!

You get the best trader support in the business.

FundedNext does not offer customer support via telephone; there is no phone number listed anywhere on their website. They have a video walkthrough of their customer support team on their website, and not a single agent is on the phone, they are only on computers! What happens when you really need to talk to someone at FundedNext?

When we developed SurgeTrader, we asked ourselves, “How can we stand out?” The answer is incredible customer service that goes above & beyond our competitors - & that includes support via telephone from our team in the United States. We’ve committed significant resources so that traders can speak to a live person & ask questions or get support by phone, chat or email. We challenge you to find another firm that makes it easy to talk to someone & get the answers you need.

We built our program as a one-step process with simple rules.

Other prop firms like FundedNext have complex rules designed to profit off failed traders. SurgeTrader features a one-step Audition with just a couple of clear, easy-to-understand trading rules. With FundedNext, you have to choose between a Consistency or a Non-Consistency Account. FundedNext needs an entire web page, plus a video, just to explain what Consistency means, and how it will be measured (with 3 KPIs.....). At SurgeTrader, our rules are meant to be simple and straightforward, for all accounts.


You can pass our Audition at your own pace — whether that’s in 3 hours or 3 months, and you decide how many days that you want to trade, with no minimums. Some firms, like FundedNext, mandate that you have to trade for at least 10 days, which may cause you to overtrade. Others have similarly restrictive trading time frames on some levels of their challenges, or may require you to pay to remove the time limits. With SurgeTrader, it’s simple. Take all the time that your strategy needs and make as many (or as few) trades as you need to be profitable.

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How does surgetrader compare?

Transparency is key to making an informed decision. Directly compare features from our competitors to see why SurgeTrader is one of the fastest growing prop firms worldwide.

Our Packages

*  Standard profit share of 75% can be increased to 90% with add-on purchase.
** Standard Leverage can be increased up to 20:1 with add-on purchase & applies only to FX & metals.


Choose the account tier that works for you & start earning more on your trading activity.

*  Standard profit share of 75% can be increased to 90% with add-on purchase. ** Standard Leverage of 10:1 can be increased up to 20:1 with add-on purchase & applies only to FX & metals.



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