Simple, straightforward trading rules. No minimum trading days. No 30-day wait. Pass and you’re in.


Step 1

CHoose your account size and the SurgeTrader Audition.

Step 2

Achieve a 10% profit target without breaching two straightforward rules.

Our Packages

* , ** Standard profit share of 75% can be increased to 90% and standard Leverage of 10:1 can be increased up to 20:1 with add-on purchases.

SurgeTrader Audition FAQs

In order to become a funded trader, the first step is to choose the assessment tier that fits you best and take the SurgeTrader Audition — an assessment of your skills, risk management, and profitability as a trader. Once you pass the audition, we’ll set you up with a funded account.

It’s that easy.

Unlike other firms, we don’t have a minimum number of days, trading days or unique trades. To pass the SurgeTrader Audition, simply generate a return of 10% in your account while not incurring a daily drawdown of 5% or a maximum trailing drawdown of 6%.

Unlike other prop trading firms that take two business days or more to review and verify your assessment, SurgeTrader will get you into a funded account within 24-48 hours. After you’ve passed the SurgeTrader Audition, you’ll receive an email from our withdrawal payment processor DEEL to set up your account. Please allow 24-48 hours after you have registered your DEEL account for set up of your funded account.

First, it’s important to understand that there are two different types of breach: a hard breach and soft breach. A violation of the daily or maximum drawdown constitutes a hard breach. A soft breach occurs if, for example, a trader does not close positions by market close on Friday, or if they place a trade without a stop-loss. If a soft breach occurs, the trade is closed, and the trader can continue to trade.

During the SurgeTrader Audition, in the event of a hard breach, account access will be revoked. If a funded trader incurs a hard breach of the trading rules, trading account access will be revoked. Any profits earned by the trader at that time will be distributed.

In either case, traders can always start again with another SurgeTrader Audition. A 20% discount is available for a repeat audition.

Yes. SurgeTrader wants you to be successful. We want to create an environment where talented traders can grow and improve their returns. We’re here to help you do just that, instead of penalizing you for the full fee amount. To that end, SurgeTrader offers a 20% discount on every SurgeTrader Audition after the first.

Traders will trade the same account balance as their SurgeTrader Audition. If you traded with $500,000 for the audition, you would also manage $500,000 worth of our capital in your funded trader account.

All SurgeTrader Audition accounts are demo accounts with virtual funding. Upon successful completion of the audition, traders receive login credentials to a live trading account with real funds. Traders are then entitled to 75% of profits generated in the live account, with the option to purchase an add-on for a 90% profit share.

In order to trade an account with a higher account balance, you can apply for another SurgeTrader Audition. However, a trader can only have one account per audition tier. Each account is independent and starts with an audition.

So, for example, if you are trading a $100,000 account and wish to trade more, you can apply for a $50,000 account by taking a $50,000 SurgeTrader Audition. However, to diversify our risk and exposure, those accounts must not be traded with the same strategy, per our Terms & Conditions.