Are you ready to step into the exciting world of prop trading with SurgeTrader? Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, mastering a SurgeTrader Audition is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to prepare for a SurgeTrader audition – be it the 1 Phase, 2 Phase, or the NEW electrifying Lightning Round. 

Step 1: Elevate Your Trading Skills 

Just as in any prop trading journey, the first step to success at SurgeTrader is to enhance your trading skills. Dive into educational materials, explore market analysis, and learn more from our FAQs with insight into each of our Audition phases. Whether it’s the Max Trailing Drawdown limit of 8% in our 1 Phase, the increased leverage of 50:1 of the 2 Phase, or gearing up for the 7-day time limit of our newly introduced Lightning Round, understanding the unique features is crucial. 

Step 2: Hands-On Experience – The SurgeTrader Way 

For traders, hands-on experience is the key to success, allowing you to demonstrate your skills and discipline. Take advantage of our free trial, visit:, You will need to register, and please note, **Only one free trial is allowed per trader**  

If you are already registered, please visit: 

You will still need to purchase and pass an Audition to be eligible for a Live Funded Account. The free trial will last until you either pass it, breach the rules, or if you do not execute any trades in the account for 30 days.  

Step 3: Network Within the SurgeTrader Community 

Building connections within the SurgeTrader community is a strategic move. Join our Discord and engage in discussions, share insights, and connect with the Surgetrader community. Stay up-to-date on industry trends by viewing our weekly YouTube Lives. Networking is not just about gaining information; it’s about being part of a community that fosters growth and shared success. 

Step 4: Tailor Your Trading Strategy 

Craft a versatile trading strategy that aligns with the unique features of each SurgeTrader audition phase. 

1 Phase Audition: 

  • Trade at Your Pace: No time limits or minimum trades, providing flexibility. 
  • Leverage: Up to 20:1 to amplify potential gains. 
  • Risk Management: Max Trailing Drawdown limited to 8%, ensuring risk control. 
  • Daily Loss Limit: Capped at 5% to safeguard your trading capital. 
  • Weekend Trading: Flexibility to hold trades and continue trading during weekends. 
  • Payouts: Request your first payout as soon as your account shows gains, then once every thirty (30) days. 
  • Reward: Pass and get funded! Receive a certificate upon passing.

2 Phase Audition: 

  • Trade at Your Pace: No time limits or minimum trades for personalized trading. 
  • Leverage: A substantial 50:1 on select assets without the need for add-ons. 
  • Risk Management: Max Fixed Drawdown fixed at 8%, so the drawdown does not trail your gains. 
  • Daily Loss Limit: Capped at 5% for prudent capital protection. 

Lightning Round Audition: 

  • Time Limit: A 7-day audition. 
  • Flexibility: No minimum number of trades, allowing you to trade as you see fit. 
  • Risk Parameters: Trailing maximum drawdown at 4%, daily loss limit at 3%. 
  • Funded Account: Enjoy a 75% profit split, which can be increased to 90% with the purchase of an add-on when you purchase the audition. 
  • Account Sizes & Prices: Ranging from $50 to $300, catering to diverse needs. 

SurgeTrader: Propelling Your Success 

SurgeTrader is not just a trading platform; it’s a proprietary trading firm that funds traders, enabling them to achieve higher gains on their trading activity. To become a funded SurgeTrader, traders must first pass an Audition, demonstrating their skills and discipline. Upon success, traders receive a funded account of up to $1 million, keeping up to 90% of the profit they generate. 

Conclusion: Your SurgeTrader Journey Begins 

Preparing for a SurgeTrader audition is a holistic process, combining skill development, hands-on experience, networking, and a tailored strategy. SurgeTrader is more than a platform or a source of trading capital; it’s a launchpad for your prop trading journey. Gear up, register for your preferred audition, and join the ranks of SurgeTraders who have demonstrated their skills and discipline and have mastered their auditions.