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Our Team

Meet The Team

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team.
These are the people behind SurgeTrader, helping traders accelerate their profits & live their best lives.

Jana Seaman


John Marriott

Chief Marketing Officer

Corey Andrews

Chief Revenue Officer

Sue Ramsey

Director of Operations
Image of Tim Nichols

Tim Nichols

Vice President of Marketing Technology

Dan Riefstahl

Digital Operations Manager

Sophia Seaman​

Social Media Manager

Beatrix Stilwell

Project Manager

Robert Edwards

Digital Designer


Angelica Garcia

Content Manager

Ryan Carr

Ryan Carr


Chris Mejias​

Community Manager

Rebecca Fields​

Marketing Manager

Cameron Teeters​

Senior Manager, Trader Support

Dominique Powell​

Trader Support Manager

Noah Fulop

Social Media Trader Support

Frankie DeJesus

Trader Support Specialist

Audrie McCollum​

Trader Support Specialist

Alex Lopez

Trader Support Specialist



Néstor Merayo Villanueva

great support and feedbakc from my side.

Hi, Bradley Newman has been helping me with the funded live account, in this case the resoult was that i need to close all the trades before the pay out. Also I gave my feedback to the managing team in order to include all the tradable assets of the great broker Think Markets. So I hope one day it c...

Kenneth Smith III

I have tried many prop firms and found…

I have tried many prop firms and found Surge Trader to be the best one by far!!! The trading parameters are excellent and the support is top notch!!! I had an issue today and Brad Newman from Surge Trader support took care of my issue right away, and was efficient, professional and friendly.


Good customer service especially from…

Good customer service especially from Brad Newman.

Ali Dehkharqani

Satisfied with the website

Brad Newman helped me complete my purchase which was being failed.

Gian Godinez

Agent Audrie and her assistant Amy were…

Agent Audrie and her assistant Amy were very helpful with what I needed and wanted.


Amy answered my questions and gave me…

Amy answered my questions and gave me the guidance I needed to stay away from breaching my account. Great customer service.

Ron Earl

I spoke with Brad Newman about getting…

I spoke with Brad Newman about getting started with Surge Trader and he was able to answer all of my questions and got back to me very quickly.


Reached out today with some purchasing…

Reached out today with some purchasing questions and was help by Bradley. He did an amazing job, and was very fast and clear with his responses. It gave me all the faith in this prop firm!

Ehigiator Richard

Surgetrader customer support is…

Surgetrader customer support is superb,very polite and friendly as well. A great Thumbs up to Brad Newman for his excellent support


Hypothetical performance results do not represent actual trading and are generally designed with the benefit of hindsight, which may under- or over-compensate for the impact of certain market factors, including lack of liquidity and price slippage. Furthermore, since hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, no hypothetical performance results can completely account for the impact of certain factors associated with risk, including the ability of the customer or the advisor to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in the face of trading losses.