Florida-based proprietary trading firm SurgeTrader introduces a global funding program for talented traders, capitalizing promising traders with up to $1 million and offering market access to FX pairs, indices, metals, equities, futures, and cryptocurrencies.

It takes time and discipline to hone the skills required to be profitable in Forex trading and cryptocurrency trading. But even once a trader has become profitable from a risk-adjusted standpoint, they still face undercapitalization and lack the funds needed to realize greater profits. Prop trading firm SurgeTrader has announced the launch of their program, which provides up to $1 million in capital to traders as part of a profit-sharing arrangement.

The process is simple. Traders prove they can trade responsibly and profitably by passing a SurgeTrader Audition. SurgeTrader designed the Auditions to be simple and straightforward — with easy-to-follow rules. Once traders achieve a 10% profit target during the Audition period, they become a funded trader with immediate access to trading capital. Upon funding, traders keep 75% of their profits.

SurgeTrader was born from the experience of trading industry veterans — a small partnership group with intimate knowledge of the trading industry and technology — and backed by venture capital firm Valo Holdings Group, which invests heavily in innovative financial services companies. The program has truly been created by traders, for traders. Valo Holdings Group CEO Jana Seaman said, “At Valo Holdings, we often say that ‘businesses don’t grow, relationships do.’ SurgeTrader aligns perfectly with that mantra, creating meaningful relationships with and funding a community of passionate traders — giving them the financial support they need to properly capitalize on their trading skills.”

There are nearly 10 million online traders across the globe, according to recent reports, with over $7 trillion traded every day in the foreign exchange and CFD markets, on average. It’s a large community moving huge amounts of money in financial markets. Providing capital to those proven traders is a win-win collaboration. SurgeTrader CMO Garrett Hollander remarked, “The partnership we have with our traders is like gasoline to a small fire. Our traders have spent countless hours developing the skills to become profitable traders. With our capital, they can generate absolute returns they wouldn’t otherwise reach.” Hollander continues, “What we appreciate about this program is that it’s a relationship where everyone brings something to the table and benefits together.”

About SurgeTrader:

SurgeTrader, LLC is a US-based proprietary trading firm (also called a prop firm or funded account program, with a mission to accelerate trader funding and provide capital to profitable traders. Once traders have proven they can be profitable by passing an Audition, they become a part of the SurgeTrader funded trader community, with access to account funding up to $1 million. For more information on SurgeTrader or how to become a funded trader, visit https://surgetrader.com.


Garrett Hollander
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