Before you dive straight into trying to trade Forex news and develop a strategy around that, you should try to figure out which news stories are worth trying to trade in the first place. After all, you may be aiming at something that won’t truly matter all that much in the grand scheme of how the market operates.

Every forex trader should be familiar with some of the key events that are likely to drive the Forex market anytime they happen. If one is aware of what kind of news events are likely to move the market, then they can position themselves in such a way to take advantage of those news events, or perhaps get out of the way of said events if they don’t want to take on the risk. Either way, it is important to know what those events are and how they may play a role in the trading day.

A few of the key events that typically produce some price movement in the Forex market include:

  • A change in interest rates
  • A change in fiscal policy from any government
  • Unexpected financial results
  • Severe violence or unexpected events happening in the world

Any of these things can play a major role in how the currency markets operate and how the trading day goes. It is important to look at all of these events as something that can be potentially dangerous to deal with. Simply being aware of key events that may take place can help one make sure they are not on the wrong side of the market as the news is unfolding.

How to Find When Events May Occur

There are a number of economic calendars that one may use to see the release date and time for certain major economic events in the Forex market. When these calendars are referenced, they can provide a lot of useful information for their users.

The number of specific events that may occur in a given week can literally be in the hundreds at times. Obviously, you don’t need to give equal weight to all of these events. In fact, the vast majority of them are events that you can largely ignore. They won’t have much impact on the markets in all likelihood, and that gives you the green light to ignore these extra events if you so choose. That said, you should still know what is going on and try to understand why the market is moving in a certain way and where you should place your positions before you get too far down the road.

Look for events on the economic calendar that are said to have a high impact on the market. Those are the events that you will need to zero in on the most. You should try to learn the intricacies of what the data means for those specific events. Also, you should try to make sure you end up with some useful information as far as what is going to happen in the market.

It is such a challenge to know exactly how any specific event will play out, but at least you will know what the likelihood is of a high-impact event taking place in the market. You can then decide if you would like to keep your trades active or release them as you head into the next big event for the market. If you decide that you are going to release them, then you don’t have to worry as much about the news, but you should still follow it simply for your own information.

A few of the high-impact events that you may encounter include:

  • Interest rate changes
  • Inflation data
  • Employment data
  • Business sentiment surveys
  • Retail sales data
  • Trade balance

The list goes on from there, but you get the picture. There are numerous economic factors that you need to be aware of, and each one plays a significant role in how you approach the market and what you can do to keep yourself from being poorly positioned in the market. If you look at it that way, you should easily see the value of following the pieces of news that are the most important to you.

Given the current state of the world, it’s important to stay informed and understand what events are currently capturing the attention of market participants. This may include changes to interest rates, geopolitical developments, financial news, or other factors that can impact market dynamics and investor sentiment. By staying abreast of these trends and developments, you can better position yourself to take advantage of opportunities and navigate potential risks as they emerge.

Pay Close Attention to U.S. News

As one of the most powerful countries in the world, the US is always a major player in global financial markets. This is reflected in the news that comes out of the country, which often has major implications for traders around the world.

The US economy is still considered to be the largest in the world, and its currency, the US dollar, remains one of the most widely-traded currencies in forex trading. Despite setbacks and weaknesses, the strength and influence of the US dollar will not be matched anytime soon.

As a result, traders should pay close attention to economic news from the United States, as it can have a significant impact on market movements. Whether it’s announcements about inflation or employment numbers or other key data, traders need to stay up-to-date with all developments from across the pond.

As one of the most frequently traded currencies in the global forex market (about 90% of all Forex transactions), the U.S. dollar is an important participant in many currency transactions. This makes news and data related to the U.S. economy, such as inflation reports and central bank speeches, vitally important to watch.

According to BabyPips, these are the average pip movements for various U.S. news items:

In addition to these economic indicators, you should also pay attention to geopolitical news like pandemics, wars, natural disasters, political unrest, and upcoming elections. While these types of events may not have as big an impact on currency prices as other news does, they are still something that traders should be aware of when trading forex.

Additionally, you should also be aware of how movements in the stock market can have an impact on currency pairs. For example, if sentiment in the equities markets is positive and stocks are rising steadily, this may signal increased demand for riskier assets such as stocks or commodities. As a result, investors may start to look for higher returns in other asset classes like forex and may start to purchase currencies that are expected to appreciate more than others.

Choosing the Right Instruments When Trading News

To be successful as a news trader, it is important to choose currency pairs that are both liquid and volatile.

Deep liquidity allows us to take advantage of short-term spikes in volatility, minimizing our transaction costs by ensuring that our orders are executed smoothly and without any issues. Therefore, when trading the news, it is important to choose currency pairs with high levels of liquidity.

Some popular choices for news traders include the major currency pairs such as EUR/USD or AUD/USD, as these currencies are typically traded by a large number of investors around the world. Additionally, these currencies often experience frequent fluctuations in price due to their high levels of volatility, making them ideal for taking advantage of short-term opportunities created by market-moving events.

Take everything into account and start working on the strategies that you will use to monitor the market and adapt to the changes that it throws your way.


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