Trading double tops and double bottoms is something you will want to do when you are looking to get in early on a trend reversal. It turns out that double tops and double bottoms are formations that take place when the market may be about to turn the corner and change the trend and trajectory that it has been on. You can act on this information to change your trade, or perhaps even reverse the position that you had been in when you see this kind of chart formation.

Double Tops and Double Bottoms

Double Top Pattern

A double top pattern is something that one sees at the end of a long bullish movement in a currency pair. If you notice a double top pattern, you may be seeing something that indicates that the pair is about to dive lower.

A double top is formed when the price action of the pair drives it to hit a point of resistance. After that, it pulls back some before re-testing the resistance point and then bouncing off again and heading lower.

An entry you’re potentially looking for is if the price breaks below the neckline for a nice sell entry.


double tops and double bottoms

It is important that you wait for confirmation that this is the trend that you see forming before acting on it, but it could be a great way for you to get in short on a trade.

Double Bottom Pattern

There are moments when a chart may show a double bottom pattern. This happens when the trend has been bearish, and the pair is bouncing off a point of support. When you see the pair hit a point of support and then bounce up a little before re-testing the support point, you might be witnessing a double bottom. If the pair tests support twice but does not break it, then you might be looking at a pair that is ready to head higher for a while.

An entry you’re potentially looking for is if the price breaks above the neckline for a nice buy entry.


double tops and double bottoms


The double bottom pattern is a bullish chart pattern because it means that the pair is perhaps ready to move higher after a long downtrend. If that is the case, then you will surely be happy to get in on the trade at this point to take advantage of the movements that you have seen forming in the pair. You do NOT want to put this off as you may be seeing the beginning of the end of the downtrend.


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