Embarking on a virtual trading journey is an exciting prospect for many aspiring traders. However, choosing the right virtual trading proprietary firm (prop firm) can make all the difference between success and disappointment. This comprehensive guide will delve into the crucial factors to consider when selecting the best virtual trading prop firm for your virtually funded trading endeavors. 

Understanding Virtual Proprietary Trading: 

Before we delve into the factors to consider when choosing the right virtual trading prop firm, let’s clarify what proprietary trading entails. Proprietary trading involves individuals trading with a prop trading firm’s capital rather than their own. Prop firms, therefore, provide traders with the necessary tools, virtual capital, and infrastructure to execute trading strategies. Virtual trading prop firms offer traders virtual capital and pay the trader’s gains with real capital. 

What to Consider: 


One of the primary attractions of virtual prop trading is the access to substantial virtual leverage. When evaluating prop firms, consider the amount of virtual leverage they offer. However, be cautious not to base your decision solely on the highest amount; factors like risk management and virtual drawdown policies are equally important. 

Risk Management Policies 

Effective risk management is the backbone of successful trading. Investigate the risk management policies of prospective virtual prop firms, including virtual maximum drawdown limits and risk parameters. A reliable virtual prop firm will prioritize risk management to protect both the trader and the firm’s virtual capital. 

Gains generated in a virtually funded account  

Virtual trading prop firms typically operate on a virtual profit-sharing model, where traders receive a percentage of the gains they generate. Carefully review the virtual profit-sharing structure, ensuring it aligns with your financial goals. Some virtual trading prop firms may offer higher virtual profit splits but with higher fees, so it’s crucial to strike a balance that suits your trading style and preferences. 

Trading Platform and Technology 

A trader’s efficiency is closely tied to the quality of the trading platform and technology the virtual prop firm provides. Analyze the features of the trading software, including order execution speed, real-time market data, and risk management tools. A robust technological infrastructure not only enhances trading performance but also minimizes the likelihood of technical issues disrupting your trading activities. 


The level of support offered can significantly impact a trader’s development. Finding a virtual trading prop firm that provides accessible customer support is crucial. SurgeTrader, for instance, extends 24/7 phone support, along with options for email and chat.  

Additionally, it is encouraged to seek firms that provide access to ongoing community support. A supportive community of the firm’s traders (such as on Discord) can also contribute to a positive trading environment. 

Fees and Costs 

Examine the fee structure of the virtual trading prop firm, including any monthly fees and transaction costs. Some firms may have low capital allocation but high fees, while others may offer more favorable terms. Consider the overall cost structure and how it aligns with your trading strategy and profitability. A clear understanding of the fees ensures that there are no surprises, allowing you to calculate your net profitability accurately. 

Trading Instruments and Markets 

Different virtual trading prop firms may specialize in specific asset classes or markets. Ensure that the prop firm supports the instruments and markets you are interested in trading as well as a broad range of trading instruments and markets. Whether you are interested in equities, forex, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, having access to a diverse set of assets enables you to adapt to changing market conditions and capitalize on various opportunities. 

Reputation and Track Record 

Investigate the reputation and track record of the virtual trading prop firm. Look for testimonials from current or former traders, research reviews on Trustpilot and Google, and forums like Discord to learn about the firm’s payout record.  Do they have a strong record of paying out the gains earned by their traders? 

Also, consider factors such as the firm’s history and stability. A virtual trading prop firm that has only been in business for months may not be as stable as one that has been around for a few years. A reputable virtual trading prop firm is more likely to provide a trustworthy and supportive trading environment that values its traders’ success. 

Remote Trading Opportunities 

In today’s digital age, where technology allows for seamless remote trading, assess whether the virtual trading prop firm supports this flexibility. Remote trading opportunities are especially valuable for those who prefer a geographically independent lifestyle. Confirm if there are any restrictions on trading from different locations and whether the firm provides the necessary infrastructure for remote trading. 


Choosing the best virtual trading prop firm for your funded trading is a critical decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. By thoroughly researching and assessing these factors, traders can make informed decisions that align with their trading goals and preferences. Remember, the virtual trading prop firm you choose is not just a financial partner but a crucial pillar in your path to becoming a successful and consistent trader. Take the time to assess each factor meticulously, ensuring that your choice reflects a symbiotic relationship between your trading aspirations and the virtual trading prop firm’s offerings. SurgeTrader is a good option for traders looking for a virtual trading prop firm that offers straightforward rules, multiple trading account options and up to $1M in virtual funding. Get started at surgetrader.com