funded trader program

How Do TraderS

Traders are entitled to 75% of the profits they earn on a funded account. And withdrawing is simple. Traders can request a withdrawal of profits at any time, right from their trader dashboard, but no more frequently than once per thirty days.

So, if you make profits on day one in your live account, you can request a withdrawal. Additionally, if you want to leave profits in the account and let them compound to scale your account, you have the flexibility to do so.

When you are ready to withdraw your profits, simply click the Withdraw Profits button in your trader dashboard and enter the amount to withdraw. All profits are distributed in partnership with our payment processer. Once SurgeTrader approves your withdrawal, your profits will post into your account, which you can withdraw any way you like —including cryptocurrency, bank wire, ACH transfer, PayPal, and several third-party payment solutions.