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Give others the gift of a fully-funded account and bigger profit. You can earn a 20% commission on their initial purchase!


Partner with SurgeTrader for the most competitive commissions available with any prop trading firm affiliate program. Our affiliates earn 20% of the initial purchase price for new auditions. Whether you are a trading content creator, education provider or group administrator, your referrals to SurgeTrader can earn you a sizable income!

Earn a 20%

You earn a 20% affiliate commission
on all initial accounts!


The million-dollar Audition is priced at $6,500 and can generate a $1,300 affiliate commission!


SurgeTrader pays out promptly at the
beginning of each month.


Fill out the form below to gain access to our affiliate program portal, along with your customized affiliate links, tracking metrics and affiliate marketing materials.

SurgeTrader Affiliate Program
Frequently Asked Questions

SurgeTrader loves helping traders access institutional trading capital. If you are interested in helping your network access trading capital and earning a healthy commission in the process, SurgeTrader offers the most competitive Affiliate Sales program in the prop trading industry. You earn a 20% affiliate commission on all initial accounts!

Getting started is simple. Complete the registration form here. We will email you all the necessary information to begin sharing the gift of SurgeTrader with your network — including preformatted emails, social media posts, logos, banners, videos and more.

Partner with SurgeTrader for the most competitive commissions available with any prop trading firm affiliate program. The SurgeTrader Affiliate Program is great for content creators, education providers, and trading group administrators. You earn 20% of the initial audition fee for every referral that you send to us.

As a SurgeTrader affiliate partner, you can refer anyone interested in a SurgeTrader funded account. Refer your friends, family, co-workers, your trading network, and anyone else who loves the idea of trading with someone else’s money.

The SurgeTrader pricing model has something for everyone. With base accounts as low as $250 and the $1 million account priced at $6,500, affiliate commissions can be as much as $1,300 for a single transaction. There are also very popular account upgrades which increase the purchase price – and commissions!

Anyone can register as an affiliate partner. You are not required to have an account with us to participate and earn affiliate commissions. However, we would encourage you to have a basic familiarity to help your network understand the offering. All traders and affiliates are invited to request a free trial of our platform.

Affiliates are paid promptly at the beginning of each month for all payable affiliate fees. Affiliate fees become payable thirty days after purchase to account for cancelations and chargebacks. For example, if your referral purchased on October 20, that transaction is eligible for commission on November 20 and will be paid the first week of December.

Our primary payment method is PayPal. However, we can also offer payment via Bitcoin or direct wire. Bitcoin payment and direct wire require a minimum of $200 to process.

*Direct wire requires a Deel contract, for which the affiliate will incur a $60 per month fee, plus $5 per transfer to process.  DEEL offers multiple payment options such as cryptocurrency, direct wire, bank transfer, direct debit, and more.  Affiliates maintaining a minimum of $1,500 per month for three consecutive months are eligible for Deel at no additional fee to process. 

You cannot receive a commission on your own purchase. However, you can refer to friends, family, co-workers, and your trading network.

We do not allow affiliates to bid against SurgeTrader on ad platforms. The use of pay-per-click (PPC) bidding related to our brand will result in the termination of your affiliate account.

As a SurgeTrader affiliate, we want you to be as successful as possible. We will provide you with all the marketing tools needed to help you build your business — including social media posts, email templates, videos, SurgeTrader logos, and a branding guide. We will even cross-brand our social posts to include your logo, for you to post on your social networks. Additionally, we would love to join you on videos and live stream interviews to help you introduce SurgeTrader to your network.

The SurgeTrader team would be happy to join you on a live stream, video, or podcast to help you introduce SurgeTrader and prop trading to your network. Just ask!

The SurgeTrader Discord is growing very quickly. We would love to have you join and contribute. We even offer custom roles to our affiliate partners. Please take a moment to join our Discord here.

We would love to help you answer questions about SurgeTrader and prop firms in your Discord, Telegram or other online community. We have professional community managers who can help with SurgeTrader-related content, driving more affiliate sales for you.

Your SurgeTrader Affiliate Dashboard includes all the information needed to manage your affiliate business — including sales, balances, and payouts — which all appear in real time, You can share your affiliate link and even post to social media directly from the dashboard.

You can contact our Affiliate Manager, Corey Andrews, directly at 239-227-9405 or by email at [email protected].

Join our Discord to access the affiliate channel.

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