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The firm and our trader community carry deep venture capital backing from our partner Valo Holdings. Thus, the company’s finances are stable and secure — and capital investments are deployed with the objective of long-term success, rather than short-term gain.

We are a global prop trading firm, based in the United States, helping traders around the world earn better profits on their trading skill. The SurgeTrader program was built with the following cornerstones:

Simple, straight forward trading rules

No time limits

One-step evaluation

World-class customer support



All trader accounts are managed through ThinkMarkets.


SurgeTrader is backed by significant venture capital through our partner Valo Holdings.


SurgeTrader is headquartered in the heart of beautiful downtown Naples, Florida in the United States of America.


To foster trust with the trader community, SurgeTrader remains transparent and open. Have a question? Just ask.

Our Story

We’ve all heard the stories of great companies that got their start in a garage or among friends in a college dorm. The SurgeTrader origin story isn’t all that different and began with an innocent conversation in a sushi restaurant.

As it often does, the conversation turned to the markets and business and, finally, a discussion around why most speculative traders fail. The group realized that the reason is not lack of talent or poor risk management, but the need to overleverage trading accounts to make a meaningful return for the time invested by the trader. Sure, a 30% per annum return on investment is great for your retirement portfolio – when it’s passive. But a 30% return on a $5,000 trading account is just $125 per month – and it takes countless hours behind the screen to make that happen. So, traders resort to utilizing massive leverage, as high as 500:1. While this can allow the trader to make an outsized return on investment, it leaves almost no room to take losses and avoid margin calls.

So how do we solve this problem? How can we harness the talent of good traders and put them into a position to succeed at trading for a living? The answer is not with gimmicky strategies or promises of a holy-grail algorithm. It’s capital. If we can identify traders that possess a talent for navigating the markets and displaying sound risk management, the only missing piece is enough capital to keep them from overtrading.

Thus, the SurgeTrader program was born. Backed by venture capital and developed by experienced market professionals, the Audition and funding process that is SurgeTrader began to take shape.


Damian Lopez

Thank you Noah for the advice and quick…

Thank you Noah for the advice and quick resolution. Surge trader is a serious professional company that helps traders to meet their goals. Thank you very much for everything.


The switch to Think Markets went pretty…

The switch to Think Markets went pretty well. I am new to prop trading, but I am eager to continue learning and progressing.

Pawel R

The best prop trading company

The best prop trading company, simple conditions!

Nithya Raghavendra

Awesome experience with Surgetrader

I was initially hesitant to get into trading with surge trader... I was doubtful about payouts and withdrawal as I am located far away from Surge traders registered office...But Surge traders support team is really awesome....I got immediate response from them whenever I submitted a query....Also i ...

hitesh joshi

SurgeTrade :: Better than others

Have tried multiple prop firms but the surge trade audition was seamless. Support was good. Easy to use Dashboard.


One of best Funded account Firms

I recently passed my audition for 100k account in 35 days. Their rules are simple. 5% day loss is very helpful for trader. Now considering signing up for another 250k audition account. Conversion of audition account to funded was few clicks away. Fully automated process. Cameron was very responsiv...

Fernando Caballero

Muy excelente servicio

Muy excelente servicio. Resuelven rápido todo una asistencia profesional 100% garantizada



With my trading experiences i highly recommend Surgetrade there rules are simple and straightforward with the new up-to-date dashboard.
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Why is SurgeTrader the best option for funded trader accounts?

In this interview, find out why Chance enjoys being a part of the SurgeTrader roster of funded traders — from quick payouts to straightforward rules.

SurgeTrader has been recognized as the Best Overall Prop Trading Firm 2023 by Benzinga

SurgeTrader has been formally Awarded Best Prop Trading
Firm 2022
by Traders Union

Capitalize on your trading skills and amplify your returns
with a funded trader account — you keep up to 90% of the profits.


A cornerstone of who we are at SurgeTrader is in making a difference through philanthropy — giving back to our communities and to organizations across the globe that need a helping hand. We believe that thriving communities can change the world, and that’s why SurgeTrader invests time, funds and resources in social impact programs.


Take the SurgeTrader Audition and supercharge your earning power with a funded account. You can even check out the process for free.


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