Our mission here at SurgeTrader is to accelerate traders’ profits. Our traders are part of an elite group that has chosen to partner with us. It is our duty to give our traders the tools they need to be successful. One important tool is the SurgeTrader dashboard.

This weekend, we launched a brand-new dashboard for our traders — better functionality, a sleek new look, the power to share your results, and, overall, a richer experience. You’ll find it to be a tremendous boost to your overall trading experience, a place where you can:

1. Track your performance against key metrics — profit target, daily loss limit, max drawdown
2. Request a withdrawal with a few clicks
3. Analyze your trade history
4. View important SurgeTrader announcements
5. Reset your account
6. Contact the SurgeTrader Support team

For current traders, it’s important to note that, because some of the fields on the dashboard are new, some historical data may not populate. They will calculate correctly, moving forward. This only pertains to data in the statistics section and has no other impact on accounts. In addition, this only impacts historical data on accounts opened prior to today.

For a brief overview of the SurgeTrader dashboard, check out this video tour:


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