Capitalize on your trading skills and amplify your returns with a funded trader account — you keep up to 90% of the profits.

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How does the program work?

Take a one-step Audition, and once you achieve a 10% profit target, you receive a funded account — up to $1 million. You keep up to 90% of your profits. Simple rules. No time limits. Great customer service.


* , ** Standard profit share of 75% can be increased to 90% and standard Leverage of 10:1 can be increased up to 20:1 with add-on purchases.


Step 1

SurgeTrader Audition

Choose your tier and take our SurgeTrader Audition. Follow risk management rules and achieve appropriate targets using whichever trading style you like. No limits on instruments. No minimum trading days. No 30-day mandatory trading period.

Step 2

SurgeTrader Funded Account

You made it! Now you can utilize your trading discipline with our capital. Trade consistently and responsibly to earn real money — up to 90% of your profits.


One-stage assessment with simple, straightforward trading rules.

No Time Limits

Simple Rules

One-Time Investment In Yourself

Choose your tier and take the SurgeTrader Audition. The trading rules are simple and straightforward — not a complicated list with dozens of rules you need to comply with.


All traders receive a complimentary 30-day membership with BKForex, led by acclaimed trading experts Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg.

Kathy Lien

BKForex Managing Partner

KATHY LIEN has more than 13 years of experience in the financial markets with a specific focus on currencies.

Her career started at JPMorgan Chase on the interbank FX trading desk, making markets in foreign exchange and later in the cross markets proprietary trading group where she traded FX spot, options, interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities, and futures.

Boris Schlossberg

BKForex Managing Partner

BORIS SCHLOSSBERG is a leading foreign exchange expert with more than twenty years of financial market experience.

His career on Wall Street began over two decades ago with Drexel Burhnam Lambert where he traded a variety of financial instruments, from equities and options to stock index futures and foreign exchange.


Take the SurgeTrader Audition and supercharge your earning power with a funded account. You can even check out the process for free.


Easy-to-Use Proprietary Trader Portal

We know that good traders are addicted to numbers. With our platform, you can track all your trading activity through our user-friendly trader portal. Everything you need on a simple-to-use dashboard.


Clear & Simple Trading Rules

Trading rules that are easy to understand and comply with.

Flexible Trading

We have no restrictions on trading style. Our program allows for any strategy. 

Quick Customer Service

Get answers quickly with our responsive customer service channels.

One-Time Audition Fee

No monthly fee. No hidden costs. No recurring costs. Just a one-time investment.

Easy Payout

Get paid on your profits with a couple clicks — no minimum required.

Instant Funding

Get funded instantly upon successfully passing the SurgeTrader Audition. 

SurgeTrader has been recognized as the Best Overall Prop Trading Firm 2023 by Benzinga

SurgeTrader has been formally Awarded Best Prop Trading
Firm 2022
by Traders Union

Capitalize on your trading skills and amplify your returns
with a funded trader account — you keep up to 90% of the profits.



Generally a good prop firm

Generally a good prop firm, with good access to Helpdesk, and a wide range of assets to trade. My only negative is that you cannot hold trades open over weekends

Walid B

Great experience so far

Just took my audition for 100.000 account a few weeks ago. So far so good, the platform is great, support is helpful and friendly, quick response and action whenever needed. Can't wait to reach the target and become a surge funded trader.

Brian Banks

Great support team

I was having a lot of difficulty setting up my new demo trading account, so i sent roughly 14-15 emails to Dominique. She was super helpful and she went above and beyond to help me with my inquiry and problems. I ran into a bit of a speed bump at the end of our correspondence, so I called the hotlin...


Fair and better than other firms overall

Fair pricing, no extra commissions unlike other props. Helpful staff, Simple and fair straight forward rules unlike other props. They seem like they actually want you to be successful instead of making it difficult for you to pass. I don't even think other firms let you trade their actual capital or...

Rick L

Dominique was extremely professional

Dominique was extremely professional, helpful, and courteous!

Daniel Kelly


My experience was with Noah Fulop. He was incredibly helpful through my entire experience and made everything super easy and understandable. Overall great experience and I will recommend to friends and family!

Mateo Gutierrez

The team is very responsive and helpful…

The team is very responsive and helpful - never have to wait more than a minute and they answer all your questions. Great job!

Emmanuel Owoeye-Wise

A great prop company to work with

The company is fair, honest and constructive. They have good spread, one becomes a better trader with every trading experience.

carlos M

Great customer service!

Great customer service!! Quick turnaround! Solved my issues and answer all my questions. very satisfied!

Lincoln Berridge

I feel that surge is a great service…

I feel that surge is a great service and opportunity, the only problem I have is the lack of help with resolving slippage issues. Most of my account have been blown because I was unable to take profit when executed and slippage take place. Will continue to use the service and just be more diligent i...

Buzz Kill

SurgeTrader is what it says it is!

SurgeTrader is what it says it is! SurgeTrader presents an opportunity to limit risk/losses in trading.